tada gan iarracht
leg muscle and turnout envy level 12783219
Photo Credit to Feispix
After 18 years, I’m still so thankful I’m involved in this sport and dedicated to it. Can’t imagine my life without it #irishdance #obsessed #rince
Rising Star Designs, so beautiful! 

Worlds Moments Video 2014

JC and his followers 
Ladies Under 19 NIAMH O’BRIEN 1st SARAH OLDAM 2nd #irish dance

They’re making all the Ladies line up side stage, in full costume, ready to walk on stage, even before they call out the results. Like no, if I were there I would demand to be able to stay and sit with my family/friends and teachers to hear results. There is nothing better than experiencing results with people who have helped you reach your dreams and goals and standing backstage without them would be crushing. Just my opinion though! 

#irish dance
Inlove with #133 Sarah Oldam’s new dress sooo much! Very classy! and there’s Etain in the back too. 

Carey Figure World Champions 2014

a straight on view can also be found on the Live Com video on Friday


I don’t personally know him but he seems like the most all around fantastic person! So happy for him! 

#irish dance