tada gan iarracht
The Siopa that everyones loving!

"Cross your feet, and point your toe: How to Irish Dance at the World Championships in London" by Channel 4 News



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shedding a tear beacuse my Kings BTS live camera is not working and I would have loved to listen to Mitchell’s last set and hear the roar and applause of the crowd! wamp. wamp.¬†

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1st Shannon Bradley
2nd Amymae Dolan
3rd Olivia Murray
4th Gia DeBourbon
5th Leele Eakins
6th Fiona Dargan
7th Hannah Drury


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Shannon Bradley World Champion u17

with a perfect score!

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Swooning over the dress on #198
Photo Credits to Dan Kitwood/Getty Images 

2 Girl World Champions today. If that doesn’t make you proud as all hellllll then I don’t know what will!

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Photo Credit to Malcolm Mcnally/ The Irish Post
IDM Covergirls Brogan and Julia! Photo creds to IDM Facebook