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As I’m driving to work today my little BFF Jack, who just recalled at his first worlds…

Called me and was sooo excited to tell me all about his day. I’m talking and talking, fist pumping and throwing my hands up while I’m driving because I was sooo excited about his recall and so proud of him. So, I pull up to a stop light and realize the car behind me the past 2 miles was an undercover state trooper. Oh Crap! He puts his lights on and pulls me over. Great. He comes up to my window and before he could say anything I say, “I’m sorry, I know exactly what I did, I was talking on my phone!” He explained that I was the first person all day to admit to what I did wrong, and then explained he was lowering my ticket because I was being so cool about it! He then closes with, “you know you talk with your hands alot?” BUDDY, My best friend from dance just recalled at Worlds. Do you know how much of a big deal that is, no wonder I was fist pumping and “talking with my hands” I laughed and said “I’m not even Italian!” I proceeded to drive away with the biggest smile, and somehow my day is not even ruined #irishdancerproblems 

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